About us

Miami Burger has landed in the UK and health-hacked the plant-based food revolution. Forget the saturated fats and crazy-high calories. Our recipes are 100% good for you and they still get a 10/10 for amazing taste.

100% good for you

Veggies not meat. Gmo free. Palm and coconut oil free. It’s a no brainer.

100% plant-based

Beans, grains and veggies. That’s it. We make sure that no animals are used to satisfy our taste buds!

100% plastic free packaging

Everything we use is sustainably sourced and zero plastic, including our supermarket and wholesale packaging.

100% tasty

We really know how to make healthy food taste amazing. Whether you’re eating our supermarket patties at home or in a restaurant chain we supply; we made sure taste was not sacrificed at the health altar.