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Do believe the hype! Plant-based food is not only the future it is mainstream now and growing exponentially day by day. We currently sell our delicious and healthy produce to a growing number of UK restaurant chains, bars, work places, and cafes.

If you are a retailer, bar, or restaurant interested in selling or using our produce please email and we’ll put you in touch with one of our distributors.

For manufacturing, ingredients and bespoke enquiries please email 

If you want to be a part of this huge opportunity then come on board!

Why stock our plant-based food?


Tasty & Quickly

They taste amazing!
Our food comes frozen but you can be cooked thawed for quicker turnarounds.


All of our range significantly lower in saturated fat and calories than the competition (vegan or otherwise).  


Whilst we think our fans would like to know where to find our food, we do not demand that you brand our food and put flags or tinsel on them.


Our produce is made in the UK and mainland Europe so not only sensibly priced but also with a smaller airmile footprint than most.

Free from

Finally, all of our B2B /wholesale produce complies with European GMO regulations (CE N° 1829/2003 & CE N° 1830/2003), & is free from palm oil, coconut oil, heme, MSG, titanium dioxide and bad cholesterol.